The 5 top job sites that are most often at risk of Asbestos exposure are:

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Construction Sites

Many of the materials used in construction contain Asbestos or use Asbestos in the manufacturing process

Any worker handling building materials that contain Asbestos is at risk of exposure

The extended exposure that a Construction worker receives increases the risk exponentially

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Industrial Work Sites

Industrial work sites include machinists, mechanics, trade skill workers like welders or heavy machine operators

Any worker that was at any point exposed to asbestos products are at high risk

Industrial insulators are among the most at risk of asbestos exposure in the industry

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Commercial Manufacturing Plants or Factories

Commercial manufacturing workers include any worker that works on assembly line type or warehouse manufacturing, including heavy equipment and commercial product manufacturing

Commercial manufacturing workers are often exposed to assembly components that are made with Asbestos and can be exposed to Asbestos daily

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Power Plants

Heat-resistant products, such as fire proofing spray and insulation, are common sources of Asbestos poisoning

As power plants often undergo renovations and updates, the demolition and building process exposes Asbestos to all present

In the US nearly 33 percent of power plant workers had asbestos in sputum samples

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Nearly 30% of Asbestos related lawsuits are filed by workers from shipyards

Boiler workers and those working on the construction, demolition and repair of vessels experienced the most exposure

Juries awarded shipyard workers multimillion-dollar verdicts in lawsuits against asbestos product manufacturers

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